Primary attributes:
Reflecting your characters quantified innate physical and mental attributes. Each starting attributes has a score that ranges from 2 (miserably weak) to 12 (amassing), though the wise and powerful have sometimes had higher scores.

Generating attributes
In this game we will be using the – method this rewires players to -


List of attributes:
1) Strength: (STR)
Determining the characters ability to exert force or do damage physically, in game this effects:
- Lifting and carrying capacity: You cannot lift/throw an amount grater than your strength x10, going a distance equal to the characters strength test result. (Characters size – Object size, minimum 1). For information about encumbrance see movement actions:
- Damage: The damage caused by your natural ability regardless of weapon (not including spells)
- Skills: Athletics
2) Vitality: (Con)
This attribute reflects the characters, vigour stamina and health. Strong and sturdy people tend to have a high vitality while the week or sickly have a low vitality score, in game this effects:
- Resistance to injury: by helping determine how many wounds you can withstand.
3) Nimbleness: (Dex)
This determines your coordination, dexterousness and deftness in game this effects:
- Accuracy: Your ability to hit targets while in combat and aiming spells.
- Defence: Your general natural ability to avoid getting hit by an opponent weather weapon or spell.
- Skills: Acrobatics, legerdemain (skilful use of one’s hands when performing conjuring tricks), melee combat, ranged combat, ride and stealth.
4) Perception: (Pre)
Representing the characters awareness of their surroundings this includes spotting what is hidden, in game this is:
- Skills: Apprise, divination, investigate, Observe, survival.
5) Bearing: (Cha)
This is the characters force of personality, presence and ability to inspire feeling in others, from awe to fear or courage, in game this includes:
- Judge a persons strength: based on how they conduct themselves (this requires a TN7 wisdom check)
- Baring assessment:
Your bearing can be concealed when traveling in disguised, to pass unnoticed or to lull your enemies into a false sense of safety. to do this you may attempt to ascertain your bearing by making a search with a TN equal to your score. you may at any time drop your guise and reveal your full true bearing and obtaining a bonus to appropriate skill tests for doing so.
- Skills: Handle animal, inspire, intimidate, preform, persuade.
6) Intellect: (Int)
From the characters memory to their capacity for clear reasoned thought, intelligence and store of basic knowledge, in game this is:
- Native Skills: Determines how many points you get to put into language and knowledge skills.
- Skills: Brew potion, conceal, craft, disguise, enterprise, first aid, games, language, knowledge, operate vehicle, spell craft, track and use item.
7) Magic: (Mag)
Showing a characters ability to cast a spell properly, in game it effects:
- Access to magic: Your ability to learn and whiled magic and determining how powerful your spells’ effects are.
- Skills: Gain access to spell craft.

Secondary attributes:


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