for this its a full outfit/everyday:
- a coal-grey open robe (with the student’s House emblem on their right breast),
- a black pointed hat (most people don’t actually wear it),
- white buttoned shirt,
- any kind of tie (thin stripes) (red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and bronze, according to House),
- a charcoal grey knitted v-neck jumper or a cardigan or a sleeveless jumper (with cuffs and waist House-coloured),
- grey trousers or a skirt (around knee-length),
- any black shoes,
- accessories are allowed,
- any bag for carrying around books,
- prefects, Head Boys and Quidditch captains also wear their special badges.
- and scarves, (thin stripes, like the tie) ((this includes hijabs and turbans as a note))

Gym uniform/broom training:
- a tank top or polo shirt with (with the student’s House emblem on their right breast)
- comfortable black trousers
- trainers or sneakers (plain)

Quidditch uniform:
the players must wear standard equipment and the uniform this includes:
- a large jersey, with the house logo,
- under-shirt/hooded jumper in house colours (optional),
- comfortable black trousers
- trainers or sneakers (plain)
- fingerless gloves,
- shin and arm guards,
- goggles (optional or when the game is played under rainy conditions),
different positions may have different equipment;
The keeper also wears the most protection than any other position:
- helmet,
- shoulder/chest pads,
- knee pads,
- this makes them heavier than most of their other team-mates.
Where as the beaters have:
- bats
- light shoulder/chest pads

- all items that require an emblem will have it put onto the item for them once they are assigned their house in the first year,
- and all clothing items must have the students name inside of them


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